domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

Pluto - Players Like Us Takin' Over (1995) Houston,TX

01. Nobody Phonkin' Betta
02. I Getz Hya
03. We Gone Ride
04. Plutonium Ballers
05. Smooth As A Dope Jam
06. Playa's Phonk
07. Luv 4 Da O.G's
08. Nickel Bag Blo'
09. P.O.O.F (Planet Of Original Phonk)
10. Nickel Bag Blo' (Screwed Version)

Passworld ~> Gang$taLife

Smooth shit, good shit hehe!

sexta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2010

Lunatic - Lunatic (1995) Memphis,TN

01. Intro (Terror)
02. But Aint Screws In It
03. Heisa Middle Age White Male
04. Multiple Wounds
05. We Lost Him
06. Lady Killer
07. You Ain't Going Anywhere
08. I'm The Axe Murderer
09. Killer By Nature
10. Outro (Death)

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I leave here now a classick insane of Memphiz, Lunatic from Guillotine's click!!!

quinta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2010

Psycho And The Chargepartnaz (1998) Memphis,TN

01. Intro
02. You Don't Know Me
03. Busta Free (Feat. G.K.)
04. Red Rum (Feat. Mr. Tinimaine & Tha Villian)
05. What They Hittin' 4
06. Southern Fried
07. Playaz
08. Ebony Lace
09. Ain't No Slippin'
10. Deep In Here
11. Smoke On
12. Ten Toes Down
13. Black Gold
14. Sunny Boy Click

Passworld ~> Gang$taLife

Dope album from Chargepartnaz wit PSYCHO!
feat: Mr. Tinimaine, Tha Villian, Mr. Doola.

terça-feira, 10 de agosto de 2010

Murdoq - Point Blank Range (Screwed & Chopped by X-Gee)


DAAWN! SPC in Screwed and Chopped!!!

Legion Of Da Lost - Southern Destruction (1996) Memphis,TN

01. Southern Destruction
02. Shoutz
03. Swimmin' In My Own Blood
04. Keep On Ballin
05. Murder
06. I Ain't Crazy
07. How Much Can One Man Take
08. No Comp

Passworld ~> Gang$taLife

Let me give one more fukking dope tape from Memphis shyt haha!!!
Featuring: Maliki of the Children of the Corn, 2-Faced from Street Smart Recordz.

segunda-feira, 9 de agosto de 2010

Pimpsta - South Side Soldiers (1997) Dallas,TX

01. Texas Playas Ride Out (Feat. Doobie & Big E)
02. Ransom Note (Feat. Ditm-m & Big Bass)
03. Seven Signs
04. Comin Up
05. Professional Crack Slanga (Feat. Doobie)
06. United We Stand (Feat. Big E & Ditm-m)
07. Knockin On Heaven's Door
08. Coward Hearted (Feat. Ditm-m & Big E)
09. Lord Can You Help Us (Feat. Youngsta G, Big E, Lil Chris & T-Bone)
10. South Side Soldiers (Feat. G Blitz & Big Shawn)
11. You Say Yall G's (Feat. G Maxx & Kyshiem)
12. Dis Is 4 My Niggas N Da Lacs (Feat. Gansta Blitz)
13. Making Profit (Feat. Youngsta G, Lil Chris & T-Bone)
14. When The Club Close
15. Rollin' On Them Thangs (Screwed Out)

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quinta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2010


Hey wassup niggaz & bitchez, I'm bac after a while tha blog waz missing more we're bac and from next week da dope blog will have another guy!

by: Young X-GEE.